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Myths and Folktales

In the menu above, some to the right, you’ll have the item Podcasts. Putting the mouse on it, you get in English “Myths and Folktales”, if you switch language, you’ll get that in German or Dutch. Clicking on it, you get an overview of stories, told by volunteers. You are invited to listen to them. It is an initiative to have a short but nice distraction in these pandemic days.
And, if you like, you are sincerely invited to also volunteer to read aloud one or more stories and send me the audio file to implement it at the site. Below the podcasts you’ll see an overview of available stories still to be recorded. Make your choice and I’ll send you the text of the chosen story / stories to record. You really don’t need a specific equipment, every computer or smartphone has the possibility to speak and record your voice.

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