“Oh you Great Goddess Nerthus, caring Earthmother and protectress of mankind.
I call upon you and invite you to come and join us in this ritual.”

.. hears the call and thinks… That doesn’t sounds too bad.
Oh well, a quick look won’t bother me…… and she beams herself to the caller.

… delightful ….
“Oh you Great Goddess, I call you Nerthus, Isis, Diana and Cerridwyn.
Thank you for coming and be welcome at this sacred place.”

… feeling totally scandalized …
“Whaaaat? Have you lost all your senses!
You dare placing me on the same level with those two Roman bitches and that English wench from the forest?”

“But…but… but aren’t you godesses in fact all the same? All goddesses are one goddess.
A kind of energy.
Aren’t you? Yes?

… knocks her beautiful formed hand against her even more well shaped forehead…
“I must have temporary forgotten how limited you humans often are.
If it is merely energy what you want, then call for Elektricia, but leave me alone with that nonsense.”
… and beams herself away …

“Oh you Great Goddess Electricia …….”

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