Summertime – Too late for Folkwang


A photograph of “Valkyrie” (1834-1835) by H. W. Bissen (1798-1868), housed at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark. Photography by Bloodofox. Source: Public domain.

Valkyrie: …. mumbling to herself…..”too early again, those new wings are really fast!”

Human: “Am I dreaming? A woman with wings. What are you doing here?”

Valkyrie: “Oh, hi. It is your time to die, because you’re Asatru, I’ll bring you to Folkwang, the palace of the Goddess Freyja in Asgard.”

Human: “My time? That can’t be. I’m still young and several of my activities have to be finished first. But may I ask you something?”

Valkyrie: “Sure, but be quick, you’ve only a few minutes left and that only because I came too early.”

Human: “Oh…. is there then a specific time I have to die?”

Valkyrie: “Of course, these things are meticulously planned, your final time is at 02:02 hours this very night.”

Human: “And what, if you come too late?

Valkyrie: “Then the target date would be obsolete and a new date had to be made. But that never happens.”

Human: “A new date?Would that be very soon then?”

Valkyrie: “Oh no, our planning for the next 100 years is ready, so in that case you would have to wait that long. But now, enough talking, it’s almost your time.”

Human: “But you are too late for me. Here, have a look at my radio-controlled watch… it is 03:01 hours. You are too late.”

Valkyrie: “That cannot be, that is impossible…….
The clock went forward one hour this very night because of your DAMM summertime.”

Valkyrie: ….flies away, mumbling to herself…..”Yeayeah, new fast wings, but no radio-controlled clock. The boss is really too stingily in these things.”

Human: …..”a 100 years…. 😀

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