Thale – Way of Myths

In Germany, in the Harz low mountain range, in the west of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt (German: Sachsen-Anhalt), lies the town Thale, known among many tourists. Except for the extraordinary beauty of the mountainous landscape the town offers its visitors a Way of Myths; many sculptures and depictions of figures or scenes from Norse and Germanic mythology are placed on various locations of the town. Many nowadays sculptors and other artists created statues of stone, wood and iron depicting figures or scenes from those myths and also a few paintings belong to that. The money for it all is donated by local and other interested people.
By making a ‘trail’ of horseshoes (remembering Odin’s eight-legged horse Sleipnir), the visitor can follow that trail – the Way of the Myths – along all statues and depictions; a walk of several hours.
Some years ago I have walked that trail and made from most of the ‘myth depictions’ several pictures and brought them together in this album.


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