Dolmens in Drente

Photos, taken in 2018 on a small tour through the Dutch province of Drente, with the aim of photographing Hunebeds (dolmens). The album is only a small selection of the total of 52 hunebeds that have been preserved in the Netherlands.
A hunebed is a megalithic burial chamber from the Neolithic period (4000-3000 BCE), which consists of at least three but often (much) more standing bearing stones, covered by one or more capstones. The whole was originally covered with earth, so that they were ‘burial mounds’. Those hills have disappeared in many cases.
The information boards are in Dutch, but a printed guide in English or German can be obtained.
More information, including about visiting that ‘hunebed’ region: A trip visiting the many hunebeds can be best started with a visit to the hunebed-centre in the village of Borger.

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