Codes of Power

In 2015, in the Roman-Germanic Central Musuem in the German city of Mainz, an exhibition took place, called “Codes of Power” (German: Codes der Macht); in the focus stood the famous Merovingian King Clovis (566 – 511) and his father Childeric (ca. 437 – ca. 481), who are often seen as the founders of the Frankish Empire, which culminated in Emperor Charlemagne some centuries later. In a way, Childeric and Clovis liad the basis for modern Western Europe. At a visit at that exhibition I made the pictures of this album. They’re neither perfect, nor belong all to the exhibition – being in the museum, I also took the opportunity to make photo’s of some other things thereAt some pictures a number can be seen, and these are explained in two other pictures where numbers and related info is shown.

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