Traveling fractal

If you watch this video closely and intensive, focusing on it while stimulating your imagination and let it free flow for the duration of the video, you could imagine that you are a divine being traveling through the galaxies. 😉

For those interested … very briefly something about fractals …
Our whole nature seems fractal. Everywhere you find repetitions of a certain structure within itrself (similarity), like the twigs on the branches of a tree, the branches of our blood circulation, the hills of a mountain or the shape of a coastline.
‘Self-similarity’ means that the sub-figures are a reduced copy of the overall figure.
Fractals are therefore figures or structures that are composed of either smaller or larger “copies” of himself. A kind of of self-similar figures or structures.
In 1978 mathematicians discovered how they could graphically represent such a figure and the reduced copies on the computer.


This Fractal video was created by Gunivortus Goos using the Fractal eXtreme software, Version 2.23, 64 bit.

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