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New Galleries

The picture galleries at this site are divided in two groups; there are the scans and there are the photos I made.
Quite a few galleries were added over the last few days.
New in the 1st group are:

  • scans of the Nehalennia Domburg finds of 1646 from old books
  • scans fron the German book Alkuna: Norse and Slavic Mythology
  • scans from the German book “Urväterhort. Die Heldensagen der Germanen” (Stronghold of the ancestors. The heroic legends of the Germanics)

New in the 2nd group:

  • Pictures from a visit to the “Externsteine”
  • Photos made at a visit at the Viking village at Hathabu
  • Pictures made years ago while visiting the Beowulf shop in Schleswig
  • Pictures made while visiting the Roman-Germanic-Museum in Cologne
  • Photos of the Nydam-boat, taken while visiting the Museum in Gottorf Castle

It is all under the menu item ‘Galleries’.

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