H.A. Guerber (EN)

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Pictures from the Dutch book "Noorsche Mythen uit de Edda‘s en de sagen" (Norse Myths from the Eddas and the folk tales) by Hélène Adeline Guerber (1859–1929), Zutphen, 1893.

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Eldaring regulars’ table

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At January 16, 2020, I joined again "Fafnir's Hort", the "Eldaring" regulars' table of the Rhein-Main-Taunus Group. (The "Eldaring" is Germany's biggest Organization of Germanic heathens). This event takes place every month, unfortunately I can't take part every time. The picture above is the emblem of the group, © Fafnirs…

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A Goddess Barbet?

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Quite awhile ago someone called me in a chat at Facebook with a request for some information about a specific goddess….. The written conversation went about like this: SHE: Yesterday I was reading in a book about goddesses and there is a name in there…. just that name without further…

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Fredrik Sander ‘Skaldeverk’ Edda (EN)

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Pictures from the Fredrik Sander’s 1893 Swedish edition of the Poetic Edda "EDDA Sämund den Vises Skaldeverk" (Saemund the wise skald). All pictures are, as with previous posted albums, also available in bigger format and higher resolution.

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Autographing and packing

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Now and then people order one of my books from me and as long as I have some in stock, those orders are processed. Actually, the paper work and the financial aspect is done by my wife, and I only have to autograph the books and pack them. Sometimes, orders…

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The Roman settlement Carnuntum

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Carnuntum was the name of the most important Roman settlement in Austria, located about halfway between Vienna and Bratislava in Slovakia. It was a legion camp, auxiliary fort and became even a civil city. The oldest archaeological evidence dates from the middle of the 1st century CE, but the name…

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Scans uit het Duitse boek "Germania - 2000 jaar Duitse cultuurgeschiedenis" door Johannes Scherr uit 1890. Het betreft een keuze uit de illustraties uit de eerste paar hoofdstukken. De tekst van het boek is voor het grootste deel achterhaald, soms zelf naar hedendaagse opvattingen bizar, maar de illustraties zijn, hoewel…

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Ablichtungen aus dem Buch "Germania: Zwei Jahrtausende deutsche Kulturgeschichte", von Johannes Scherr aus 1890. Ein Auswahl der Illustrationen der ersten Kapitel. Der Text dieses Buches ist an vielen Stellen überholt und machmal aus heutiger sicht sogar absonderlich, aber die illustrationen sind, obwohl historisch nicht korrekt, dennoch schön.

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