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A short progress report

The new notebook, badly needed, came, and is meanwhile setup, configured and ready for use. Because it will mostly used while I am ‘on the road’, I felt it necessary to built in some tricky securities; except for BIOS and Windows passwords is the harddrive scrambled which needs an access code. And there’s some more … Anyway, if it would be stolen (knocking on wood to prevent it), a thief will not have much joy of it.

My article “Sarmatians and their influence on Germanic peoples” is almost ready – it has become much longer as I planned, including pictures and maps it is about 35 pages (A4 format). It has become too long to simply add it to this website. So, I don’t know yet what to do with it. 🙂
At the moment it is in German only, but after finishing it, I will translate it in English and Dutch.

To not sit at the PC all the time, I’ve got the CD “Sign Of The Dragonhead” from the band ‘Leaves’ Eyes’ to which I will listen after this post. Two great songs of it can be listened here and here.

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