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Heathen Yule Market

Back home from the “Heathen Yule Market” which took place on 7 and 8 December 2019 in the village of “Groß Meckelsen” (part of the municipality Sittensen in the district Rotenburg an der Wümme. The municipality is located in the north of the German federal state of Lower Saxony. The nearest bigger cities are Zeven about 13 km west, Buxtehude about 25 km north-east, Hamburg about 45 km north-east and Bremen about 50 km south-east… Wikipedia).
I had there a bookstall with the books I wrote.
The event was organized by the Eldaring-hearth “Ostingard-Raven” with hearth-speaker Sven Tolksdorf. This market was a very successful experiment! Although it did not attract as many visitors as expected, the bad weather probably played an important role on that. On the other hand, in addition to the local and reagional visitors, many an Eldaring members had arrived from far and near.
There were over 20 activities, consisting of many market stalls with all kinds of different products, demonstrations of some old crafts and archery for children.
There was a lot to chat and laugh about, there was delicious food and drink available and everything went very harmoniously. A table with Eldaring flyers and information about the association found many visitors.

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