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From some of the books I wrote are both a printed version and an e-book available. For other books I have refused an -e-book version, because then, on some book stores on the web and at Google, too much is shown in the ‘view inside’ option. (It could be that this has changed meanwhile, I didn’t check it lately.
If I would have written novels, I’s certainly had made also e-books of all of them. But for non-fiction, it is a bit tricky, as many, who want to search for something in a book, would find it for free in the long ‘view inside’ – that would reduce the sellings, which are already not sold in high amounts. That is inherent to the kind of books I write.
Anyway, this whole ‘palaver’ came to my mind, because I republished (with only slight changes) the Dutch edition of my book about Mercury-Woden, which as of today is also available as an e-book. It can be bought in any good bookshop who also offers e-books – good bookshops are those who have my books in their program. 😀

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