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Our renewed book store

At the site HG-SHOP.EU my wife and I sell the books we wrote ourselves, thus, it is just a very small shop. Although the books also can be bought at the publisher and in many book stores, we auto(r)graph all ordered books and that makes each copy unique.
Technically, the shop site was outdated, several functions did not work correctly anymore, and the layout wasn’t attractive for visitors today. And thus, I took the hard decision to rebuild the site from scratch. Hard, because I do not like that kind of work at all!
Anyway, the site is ready now and gone viral, the old site is deactivated.

There are quite some changes though. Partially, that is due to the fact, that we are slowly reducing this ‘private’ selling of our books.Thus, we sell the books we have in stock, but if a book is not in stock anymore, no new supply will be ordered.

Books that we don’t have in stock anymore can still be ordered at the new site, but through order buttons, redirections are implemented, both direct-links to the publisher and to a book store that delivers worldwide. (The publisher only ships to European countries).
For books that we still have in stock, and that are quite a lot, an order form exist at a book-page. Those forms are transmitted to us, and we then reply by email with the payment details.

One final clarification: In contrast to the old shop, no customer data will be stored on the server. If an order form is sent to us by email, the data provided in the order form disappear from the server.

Well, that’s it. If you like, have a look at the new site.

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