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On my initiative, the contracts with the publishing company of my two-volume work “Gods of the Germanic Peoples” have been terminated, for both the beautiful color edition and the cheaper black/white edition. For the latter, the termination has already become in effect, the color edition will follow soon.
The reasons for terminating were:
– The sale numbers were not as was expected. The potential target audience probably was estimated too generously. In short: Commercially, it was a flop.
– Perhaps, publishing the work in a rather cheap gray-tone edition and in a somewhat more expensive color edition was a big failure.

Thus, the work will be or is already removed from the catalogs of book distribution companies.
Yet, it is not all moping…. another attempt will be made.

Based on these books, but quite extended and with many recent and new insights and information, in 2020 the German book “Illustrated Lexicon of Germanic Deities” (original title: “Illustriertes Lexikon der germanischen Gottheiten” was published. The termination of the aforementioned 2-volume English work will make the way free for a translation in English of this German book. This work is in process now. Publication is expected somewhere in Spring or Summer 2022.

From the mentioned color edition (see the picture) I have five copies in stock. These can be ordered by contacting me here at this site, or at Facebook. I will reply then with the payment information.

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