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Work in slow progress


Currently, there are three technical issues at this site, that need attention:

1. As you perhaps see at the right of this page, the icons below the “About Me” text do not show anymore the respected social platforms, only the colors are left. That is why below that a second “About Me”-widget is added. That is for testing purposes only.
The problem was confirmed as a bug, and a software update is promised. Well, if you see those icons correct again, the problem has been solved, which I hope, will be happen soon.

2. Another problem concerns the “Live Chat” button on the right border. Because too much spam was posted in the chat, I have temporary deactivated that “chat” option. I’ve asked Jeff Star, who is the programmer of this chattool, to implement a kind of captcha, which should reduce the spam. He has put it on his ToDo list. I’ll check it weekly whether it is realized. It certainly may need a month or so. If it takes too much time in my view, I’ll see around for another Live Chat plugin.

3. Awhile ago, I have started to offer visitors to have texts at this site read out loud. A small arrow at the beginning of the text indicated that. However, once started, you have to listen until the end, or stop it by clicking somewhere outside the text. Once stopped and started again, it begins anew. There is no ‘Pause’ option. I’ve written the programmer to implement such an option, but was not answered until now.
Meanwhile, I have been looking for another TTS (text to speech) plugin, but did not succeed yet. I’ve tried the payware ‘Speaker’ plugin, but that fails at this multilingual site.

So far these three issues.

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