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Until we meet again

My life is partly like that of a hermit. Although I don’t live in the wilderness, but in a detached house with a garden, I love to be at home, indoors or outdoors – in the garden or on the terrace. There are very few encounters with other people. And since I don’t talk out loud to myself, I’m pretty taciturn. When I am among people, I don’t manage to get rid of this taciturnity completely and sometimes it gets a bit too much for me and I look for a quiet place. And if this is not available, I show a face that is supposed to scare people away from talking to me. With strangers this indeed succeeds, but friends pass this over and I must confess, I also like that. I enjoy chatting quietly with friends. Otherwise, chatting mood with me but does not last long but you can also enjoy sitting together without talking.
The Covid19 pandemic has limited my ‘live’ encounters with friends strongly, but fortunately there are still many other contact possibilities. Nevertheless, I will be very happy when I can blithely meet my friends again, face to face. And I also hope for such encounters with friends I have met so far only in virtual space.

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