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New book 2

My new German book, I told about in the previous post, has been published meanwhile. I had a small pre-order action in Facebook, and, based of the orders I got, I ordered at the publisher 26 books, which are now going to the people who ordered and paid for it.
Today I could bring eight copies on the postal way, so, it may need two or three more days to have them all sent.
It is quite some work: First, each book gets a personal dedication, which is a sticker especially made for this occasion, (see the picture) and some written text by hand, finished with my signature. Then, the book, together with the paid bill, (which also has to be made first, is packed in paper and then in a cardboard envelope. On it a franked address sticker is put on. For one book I need about 20 minutes – so, eight books in two hours.
After that, my concentration has gone down the strain.
Again, this was a one-time action. Those who also want the book, can order it at:
for Europe:
LINK – The bookshop of the German publisher

for outside Europe:

LINK The bookshop Bookdepository

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