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New book

My new German book “Illustrated Lexicon of Germanic Deities” (original title: Illustriertes Lexikon der germanischen Gottheiten) is about to be published. The contract is signed, and the ISBN is implemented. The 2nd and last printed test copies are checked – it seems unavoidable that after xx corrections still small errors are found, be it a dot too much at the end of a sentence – and after the last found thins are corrected, the manuscript will be sent off. Then, it will take two, three weeks, before the book becomes available on the market, and later visible in the catalogs.
Meanwhile, I have started accepting advanced orders for by me autographed books – after the payment is received, the order is confirmed. At sending off the manuscript, I also directly order the amount of ordered books. Once I have them at home, I may have some heavy days preparing them for sending to the customers.
To prevent questions: I have no plans to also make this book in English or Dutch.

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