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What now?

The year 2021 has started, the holidays are over, even for me as a retired. 😉
Because I do the daily work of my research and writing projects according to my whim, I may need a few more days to decide what to do first. At choice are a longer article about the Loreley (the research is done), The Völuspá video in English (German and Dutch are already published at YouTube), starting the rewrite (almost from scratch) of my book about ‘Mist Witches’, slightly editing the German edition of my book about the early Franks and adding new stuff to this website (picture galleries, stories, poems).
Choosing may even have a delay, as I’m asked to help technically building up a German online forum about exotic plants. The forum is still under construction, planned is to open it for visitors on February 1 ( Once that forum is open, I can focus on my own stuff, as exotic plants are not really my desire or hobby (although I really like to look at the fantastic flowers of those plants).

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