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More contact options

Lately, I’ve done just little of addition to this site. That said, however, the few things done give visitors more options to get in touch with me, There’s first in the sidebar on the right the option to contact me through Skype, either chatting (live writing chat), calling (talking to each other – audio) or per video chat. The latter two, however, will only work if I have set that active. That will certainly not the case all day. Not only it is deactivated when I’m away from my computer, but also when I need my concentration while working at it.

Another contact option is a button on the right. That is a button which, after clicking on it, will open your Facebook Messenger to let you write me something, or leave me an audio message. Again, here too, the video chat will be accepted only if I’m sitting behind my computer, not really working concentrated.

A third option is to find in the menu above. Clicking there the item ‘Live Chat’ will open a screen, where a chat tool is placed. Here, we can chat the two of us, or with a small group of up to 5 people.

For the moment, all three new contact options are experimental. I’ve had hardly the opportunity to test them out thoroughly. Only through using them they might stay more permanently.

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