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Changes of this website

The download section of this site “Boudicca’s Bard” was recently removed and all related files deleted from the media library of the site. In addition, this also happened to the videos from the same library. This means, downloading of the offered files, including videos is no longer available. The reason for this was simply the fact, that the total amount of all those files exceeded the set space for the site. There was a short moment, because of that, the site did not function correctly anymore.
I do not know yet whether a download section will be reintroduced, in that case, I would have to drop the files in question in an external cloud – that might not be possible without a monthly or yearly fee.
On the other hand, the amount of audio and video presentations have been increased and concrete plans exist to add more of that in the future.
So far this short explanation of recent changes here.

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