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Heathenism article – 2nd

Heathenism article – 2nd

At last, my article about “heathenism’ (or paganism, whatever you call it), is published online. Since the first draft a lot of content has changed, not least because of the valuable input of Thorsten Ostwaldt (theologian) and Rene Piehl (religious studies).
The article has become somewhat longer as planned, but then, it also contains some more. 🙂
After the German original was ready, I translated it into English and Dutch. Then it was in each language proofread and edited, so that I could publish it simultaneously in all three languages.
You will find it in the menu above. First choose your favorite language in the menu (English is default) and then you go to the PDF menu item. It is the first on the list that appears there.
You can either read it here online or download it for later reading offline.
If you like it, you can help me to spread it, by mentioning the link at whatever place you think it would be on topic there.

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  1. Maureen (nee Liebl) Moss-Lubell

    I have both of your Frau Holle books… the original AND the greatly enhanced new version. They are wonderful! Thank you so much! 😘

  2. Gunivortus

    Thank you. It is great for an author to get such positive response! Highly appreciated.

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