The website “Boudicca’s Bard” is the private and non-commercial web presentation of the author GardenStone. Although also information is given about the books he wrote, the actual sale of them takes place through other channels.

The private residential address of GardenStone is not published here, because that would violate the private sphere of the author. For the same reason he publishes his work under a pseudonym which is clearly recognizable as such.

At most of the web pages of “Boudicca’s Bard” several ways are offered to get in contact with the owner of the website, like an online contact form and links to his profile pages at Facebook and Twitter. Additionally he can be contacted through the following private e-mail-address:

GardenStone (at) boudicca (dot) de

The words in brackets have to be replaced by the usual components of e-mail addresses.