Swain Wodening, born March 10, 1963, is one of the prominent figures of Anglo-Saxon Heathenry (Hwitmersc Theod) who has written several books and booklets and countless articles about subjects of this field of religion and religious practice. He was one of the founding members of Englatheod and the Ealdriht. He can be contacted at his Facebook page, his Google+ page or by private email at swainwodening (at) gmail.com.
Swains books can be ordered at any good local book shop and at many online book sellers. Below only a link to Amazon is given.


The books of Swain Wodening


Germanic Magic: A Basic Primer on Galdor, Runes, and Spá

Germanic magicA basic primer on Germanic magic covering galdor, rune magic, spá or divination, seiðr, and a variety of other magical practices not readily identified.










Hammer of the Gods: Anglo-Saxon Paganism in Modern Times

Hammer of the godsHammer of the Gods covers the beliefs, rites,and practices of modern day Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, a pagan religion derived from years of research into the beliefs of the ancient Anglo-Saxons and Norse.










Path to the Gods: Anglo-Saxon Paganism for Beginners

path to the godsPath to the Gods: Anglo-Saxon Paganism for Beginners contains everything you need to know to begin practicing the religion of your Anglo-Saxon ancestors. Within these pages you will be introduced to the Gods and Goddesses of Heathenry, and to fundamental beliefs and key concepts such as Wyrd, Frith, the Sacred and Holy, Heathen Thews (Virtues) and more. The basic rites of Heathenry are explained, holy tides are discussed, and a set of rites for each of the holy tides is offered. Included also is a suggested reading list to deepen your studies.







Þéodisc Geléafa "The Belief of the Tribe:": A Handbook on Germanic Heathenry and Theodish Belief

believe of the tribeA book detailing the beliefs, practices, and mindset of Theodish Belief. Þéodisc Geléafa 'The Belief of the Tribe' dispels many of the myths surrounding Theodish Belief, and details the reality. It covers topics such as why to be tribal, the advantages of tribal Heathenry, the mechanics behind a theod, as well as the major rites.









.Family Rites for the Germanic Heathen

Family RitesThis book covers everything from daily prayers to rites for the high holy tides and special life events such as birth, marriage, and death. It gives examples of how to set up a home altar, and has brief descriptions of the Gods. A must for any Heathen family, this book will help Heathens for years to come.









Wyrd Words: A Collection of Essays on Germanic Heathenry

Wyrd WordsContributions to his former blog, persenting in quite a few essays his knowledge of history and mythology, mixed with his very own interpretations and views.











Path to the Ancestors Exploring Ancestor Worship Within Modern Germanic Heathenry

Path to the AncestorsLong has the topic of ancestor worship in modern Germanic Heathenry been largely overlooked. While many within Germanic Heathenry worship their ancestors, other than a few mentions in books, blog posts, web pages and small publications there has not been a work dedicated to the topic. This short book seeks to be a first of its kind and broach the topic. In many ways it is the tale of the path of Swain Wodening from dedicated worshiper of the Germanic gods to worshiper of the ancestors. Not much information exists on the topic so this book is full of personal experiences.