0521794234cvr_D.tifTitle:Language and History in the Early Germanic World
Author:D. H. Green
Gemre:Historical research
Publ.Cambridge University Press
This book offers a distinctive and accessible approach to the earliest encounters of the Germanic tribes of Northern Europe with classical antiquity and with early Christianity. It brings together linguistic evidence from across Europe and dating from before Caesar to about 900 AD, to shed light on important aspects of Germanic culture. It shows how semantics and loanword studies, often avoided by non-specialists, can provide important clues for historians and archaeologists of the period. Likewise, it demonstrates that philologists and linguists ignore historical evidence at their peril.
venningTitle:The Kings and Queens of Anglo-Saxon England
Author: Timothy Venning
Gemre:Historical research
Publ.Amberley Publishing
A major re-examination of an important period in British history Includes such famous figures as Hengest, Aethelburh, Enfleda, Alfred the Great and many more right up to the last Anglo-Saxon king, Harold GodwinesonThe Anglo-Saxon era is one of the most important in English history, covering the period from the end of Roman authority in the British Isles to the Norman Conquest of 1066 in which the very idea of England was born. In The Kings& Queens of Anglo-Saxon England, Venning examines the rulers of Anglo-Saxon England, beginning with the legendary leaders of the Anglo-Saxon invasion as Hengest and Horsa or Cerdic and Cynric and moving on through such figures as Aethelbert of Kent, the first king to be converted to Christianity and his daughter Aethelburh, whose marriage began the conversion of Northumbria, to Alfred of Wessex and his dynasty, the Viking invasions, and the last of the Anglo-Saxon kings, Harold Godwineson.
janewolfeTitle:Aethelflaed: Royal Lady, War Lady
Author:Jane Wolfe
Gemre:Historical research
Publ.Fenris Press
A new perspective on the life of the 9th Century West Saxon princess who ruled Mercia and fought the Vikings with such ferocity that she was feared and admired by allies and enemies alike.