nicoroymansTitle:Ethnic Identity and Imperial Power: The Batavians in the Early Roman Empire
Author:Nico Roymans
Gemre:Historical research
Publ.Amsterdam University Press
ISBN:90 5356 705 4
This probing case study examines the evolution of the ethnic identity of the Batavians, a lower Rhineland tribe in the western marches of the Roman Empire. Drawing on extensive historical and archaeological data, Nico Roymans examines how between 50 BCE and 70 CE, the Romans cultivated the Batavians as an ethnic "other" by intensively recruiting them to the Roman army while simultaneously carrying out extermination campaigns against other tribes in the region. Roymans also considers how the status of the Batavian settlement reveals intriguing insights into Roman definitions of "civilization" and "barbarism."" Ethnic Identity and Imperial Power" is a fascinating anthropological study on how ancient frontier peoples negotiated their self-image.
malcolmtodd1Title:The Early Germans
Author:Malcolm Todd
Gemre:Historical research
Year:Second edition 2004
Publ.Blackwell Publishing
For many centuries Germanic peoples occupied much of northern and central Europe. From the fourth century onward migrant groups extended their power and influence over much of western Europe and beyond to North Africa. In so doing, they established enduring states in France, Spain, Italy and Britain. This illustrated book makes use of archaeological and literary sources to outline the ethnogenesis and history of the early Germanic peoples. It provides an overview of current
knowledge of these peoples, their social structure, settlements, trade, customs, religion, craftsmanship and relations with the Roman Empire. In this second edition, the author incorporates important new archaeological evidence and reports on advances in historical interpretation. In particular, he offers new insights into developments in central and eastern Europe and the implications for our understanding of migration and settlement patterns, ethnicity and identity. Ten new plates have been added featuring significant new sites discovered in recent years.
haywoodTitle:Dark Age Naval Power. a Reassessment of Frankish and Anglo-Saxon Seafaring Activity
Author: John Haywood
Gemre:Historical research
Publ.Anglo-Saxon Books
Widely praised and accepted, this revised and updated second edition includes new evidence lending weight to Haywood's argument that early Germanic shipbuilding and seafaring skills were far more advanced that previously thought. The study begins in 12BC with an unsuccessful attack by a fleet of the Bructeri on a Roman fleet and ends with the collapse of the Carolingian coastal defence system. Haywood attepmts to reconstruct the historical context from literary and a wide range of archaeological evidence, as well as analysing strategy and tactics of naval activities.