This page contains a selection of books from my own private library at home which may be worth to bring under the attention of other interested people. If you are also interested in similar works in German or Dutch, please change first language section at the left menu below.



medieval scandinaviaTitle:Medieval Scandinavia: From Conversion to Reformation, Circa 800-1500
Author:Birigt Sawyer, Peter Sawyer
Gemre:Historical research
Publ.University of Minnesota Press
In "Medieval Scandinavia", Birgit and Peter Sawyer question assumptions about early Scandinavian history, including the supposed leading role of free and equal peasants and their position in founding churches. They meticulously trace the development of Scandinavia from the early ninth century through the second and third decades of the 16th century, when rulers of Scandinavia rejected the authority of the Papacy and the attempt to establish a united Scandinavian monarchy finally collapsed.
lostgodsTitle:Looking for the Lost Gods of England
Author:Kathleen Herbert
Gemre:Historical research
Publ.Anglo-Saxon Books;
The earliest account of English heathen practices reveals that they worshipped the Earth Mother and called her Nerthus. The names Tiw, Woden, Thunor and Frig/Freo have been preserved in place names and in the days of the week. The old Gods and the festivals and rituals associated with them lived on after the 'official' conversion to Christianity. Eostre, the Goddess associated with Spring, is still with us as Easter. The Yuletide celebrations which marked the turning of the year were deep-rooted so they were Christianised to give us Christmas. Ing the god associated with regrowth and renewal was replaced with Christ. Much the same happened with rituals for bringing fertility to the earth, and with healing charms. The author sifts through royal genealogy, charms, verse and other sources to find clues to the names and attributes of the Gods and Goddesses of the early English.
richardnorthTitle:Heathen Gods in Old English Literature
Author:Richard North
Gemre:Historical research
Publ.Cambridge University Press
Richard North offers a complete revision of our view of Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian paganism and mythology in the pre-Viking and Viking age. He discusses the pre-Christian gods of Bede's history of the Anglo-Saxon conversion with reference to a god known as Ingui. Using expert knowledge of comparative literary material from Old Norse-Icelandic and other Old Germanic languages, North reconstructs the slender Old English evidence in an imaginative and original treatment of poems such as "Deor" and "The Dream of the Rood."