This site “Boudicca’s Bard” is the private web presentation of GardenStone, sometimes he calls it his ‘virtual home’.
GardenStone himself is a Dutch man; he was born in Groningen, a lovely city in the north of the Netherlands, a place he still sometimes visits.
Several decades ago he left his hometown and country and moved to Germany, where he, after several stations, now lives in a small town in the beautiful Taunus Hills in the German state of Hesse.
GardenStone, (yes, that is me, it is funny to write about yourself in the third person), is a writer of (mainly) non-fiction articles and books. Because scientific research around the historic Germanic peoples is almost an addiction to him, his publications almost all deal with that.
But because he is religiously a heathen, focused at a religion today often called Asatru, he sometimes also writes for that heathen community.

It is a matter of course, that on this private website, he presents his books, but he also offers non-fiction articles, short fictive stories and poems he wrote.
A rich amount of pictures are offered too; photos he made himself and pictures he scanned from old books that are meanwhile free of copyright. The pictures do not really have a high resolution, but if someone would like one or some at a higher resolution (a better quality), just ask for it. If he has them still available, such requests can be honored for free.
The offered links to other pages are solely GardenStone’s own choices, they are not based on formal exchange of links. He possibly even offers links to sites of people who perhaps don’t like him personally – that was not a criterion for him. 🙂

GS1What’s more to tell about GardenStone? That he is fond of white chocolate? That he hates to wear suits and neckties? (He only wears them at burial ceremonies). That, although he loves it to talk to others, to eat and drink together, he in fact is a loner? That he is a ‘gourmet’? That he actually should loose weight a bit? That his favorite books are fantasy, and his favorite music symphonic / bombastic / folkloristic / lyric metal and rock? That in his opinion a day without coffee is a lost day? That he hasn’t a driver’s license?
Well, no, these, and many other details surely aren’t of interest for other people.


Anyway, perhaps we meet at Facebook.
Finally a ‘message’: