A day in Asgard



He had tried to make an emergency landing on one engine, but as that second and last engine also stopped working, he had no other choice than pressing the button of his ejection seat. A panic ran through him as nothing happened. He was ‘prisoned’ in his small plane that was falling down like a stone now. Shortly before the crash, he closed his eyes, as he opened them again …

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With the help of the

goddess Hurstrga


“The floor is to Wulf”, said the priest, who for the gods conducted the council.

Wulf rose up and alertly looked around to the faces of the other six members of the town council.
Gerdolf, his biggest opponent in the council seemed to be bored, but Wulf definitely knew too well that he would listen very carefully to be able to reply.

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Summertime – too late

for Folkwang



Valkyrie: …. mumbling to herself…..”too early again, those new wings are really fast!”

Human: “Am I dreaming? A woman with wings. What are you doing here?”

Valkyrie: …

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“Oh you Great Goddess Nerthus, caring Earthmother and protectress of mankind.
I call upon you and invite you to come and join us in this ritual.”

.. thinks… That doesn’t sounds too bad.
Oh well, …

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Wake up!



Actually, she was a real late riser, and if she did not resign herself  to the discipline of a much too loud alarm clock, it was nothing special at all for her, that she decides to get up a good while after noon. Her profession as a writer and …

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Ultimate Magic



We made a loooooooooong journey.
And on this journey we’ve found IT.
If coincidence would exist, it might have been the most extreme form of it.
But as coincidence doesn’t exist……….

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How to be a druid



To practice beginning to be a true Irish druid you need to do nine things, plus three more things (both three and nine are very druidy numbers and full druids usually only need to use one or the other, but…

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