Work on ‘the Franks’ has started

December 15, 2015
by GardenStone
  • zulpichklein

The first stage, searching for and gathering sources has not been finished completely, but I’ve are already so many available, thet the second stage of rereading them, marking the chapters, etc. to use and writing pieces has been started. Intended is to cover the period from the first notice of the Franks until the conversion of King Clovis I and the Battle at Zülpich in 496 where the Alamans were beaten by the Franks.

However, still, much intentions can be changed. 🙂

But if I may look a bit quiet on the social networks, I may sitting at my couch, surrounded by lots of books reading and marking for this ‘Franks’ project.

Nonetheless, don’t hesitate to write me or call for a chat. Answering just may have a little delay. 😉

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