“Gods of the Germanic Peoples” is available!

January 9, 2015
by GardenStone
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At last…. it is done! 🙂

In december 2014 my 2-volume book “Gods of the Germanic Peoples” was published!
A project of many years is finished.
My big and sincere thanks got to Lucia Jochimsdatter who write a hundred nice stories to the scientific information of the gods and to Pollyanna Jones who contributed with over 60 great paintings.


For everyone who lives outside Germany there is quite an important note before buying:

The main publisher for GardenStone’s books is situated in Germany.  They have printing associates outside Germany. Books ordered in most countries outside Germany are printed by those associate companies. While the German publisher himself prints the books with its included many color pictures, the associates print them in b/w (greytones) only.
This work is officially published in a color and in a B/W edition which are differently priced to let those who order somewhere outside Germany and get forced the B/W edition pay that lower price.
Anyone who would like to get the color edition, and that is really to prefer, please order directly from Germany, e.g. from the author’s (mine) small online shop HERE

Some additional information can be read at THIS page.

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