Stephen Youll


Stephen Youll is one of today’s top art talents of science fiction and fantasy. Just visit this beautiful site to take a deep dive in many fantastical worlds. View his work, and, if you can afford it, don’t hesitate buying an original painting or a print.

The Boudicca picture at the first page of this site is also made by this fabulous artist.


Paul Gerrard

Paul Gerard is an architect of the world’s end… he has made the blueprints for our destruction, and he visualizes the demise of humanity. His paintings are a strong challenge for our imagination.

His beautiful picture of Gwynn ap Nudd is, with his permission, one of the illustrations in the “Wild Hunt and Furious Host” book.


Linda Stemp


Admire the digital art of the British artist Linda Stemp (lindans). Her ‘paintings’ are all made at the computer, using different graphical software. It is really amazing how wonderful so many of the creations are made by this ‘hobby’ artist.

Linda’s ‘Cwm Annwn’ creation can be seen at full-page format in the book “Wild Hunt and Furious host”.


Croft Studio


The Croft Studio, established in 1968, is the home of the Budge family, Daisy, Pamela and Donald. They all create beautiful art and it is a delightful pleasure to see their work.
Pamela allowed that her Nehalennia painting was added full-page in GardenStone’s (German and Dutch) book about that goddess.


Hannah Böving


The German artist and freelance illustrator Hannah Böving uses for her great fantasy-centered art both digital and traditional media like watercolor and acrylics. One of the books she made the beautiful cover of is “Wild Hunt and Furious host”.




The German artist Voenix is not only an illustrator and painter, he also writes books and comics himself. He is specialized in pagan art.  One of the books he made a beautiful cover for is the (German and Dutch) book about the goddess Nehalennia. His site is in German-only.


Serdar Camlica


Admire the wunderful art of the digital animation artist Serdar Camlica. If you like it, don’t hesitate to buy one of his impressive creations.