Nehalennia – Domburg

This album shows pictures (scans) from old works who published information and illustrations about the Nehalennia votive stones found at the beach of the town of Domburg in the Dutch province of ‘Zeeland’:

1. Hendrik Cannegieter (1691-1770) wrote a treatise on the “Domburgsche Altheiten” (Domburg antiquities), in which also many drawings of the finds by the artist H. v. Schuijlenburgh were added.

2. The archaeologist Janssen, conservator in the museum in Leiden, published in 1845 a picture atlas with a text section about the Nehalennia finds near Domburg; he had the drawings drawn up by a man of his staff, the draftsman and lithographer Th. Hooiberg.

3. In the same year of the Domburg finds (December 1646) a treatise by Hendrik Danckers was published, in which 20 of the stones found were included as artistically designed engravings.

4. Olivarius Vredius, Latinized name of Olivier van Vree, mayor of the Belgian city of Bruges, published a book in 1650 in which the artist Jan de Mel drew illustrations of the Domburg finds.

5. In his work from 1696, the author Smallengange took pictures from the book by Vredius without specifying its source. Steiner in his book from 1851 also shows some of these drawings.

6. Between 1792 and 1810, two illustrations were drawn by or under the direction of Lemaître, who ran an art studio in Paris.

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