The Liebig’s Extract of Meat Company was named after Baron Justus von Liebig, a 19th-century German organic chemist who developed and promoted a method for industrial production of beef extract. One of the activities to popularize the products of the company was the marketing of trading cards. Two of those card series, one from 1894 and another from 1934 concerned Norse mythology. This album contains the cards of these two series.

Petzold & Aulhorn
C. C. Petzold & Aulhorn was a chocolate and sugar confectionery factory founded in Dresden in 1843 by confectioner Carl Christian Petzold and merchant Ernst Louis Aulhorn in Dresden and existed here until 1945. They added a whole lot of small bilchen to their products, which were soon collected.
In this online album there are 6 colored merchant pictures by Petzold + Aulhorn from around 1910, the complete series IX “Germanic gods”

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