It’s Firdiday

Firdi (Fera), by Pollyanna Jones, taken from “Gods of the Germanic Peoples” 1, p. 190

It’s Firdiday, it’s Firdiday,
Ye maidens join the circle now,
Together we’ll renew the vow
Of walking on her Way.

It’s Firdi who we celebrate,
pure feminine mystique.
It’s on the sixth day of the week,
we dance the Ring of Eight.

Eight women make the ring complete,
strong divine power will unfold
as long’s the circle’s kept uphold,
with it they all will be replete.

The bond with Firdi is renewed
for ‘nother seven days,
the female strength will not erase
Instead it spreads strong mood.

Do not forget the Firdiday,
maintain the female bond
She’ll stay to you here and beyond:
you will not get astray.

The goddess Firdi, (Fera) is mentioned in a chronicle from 1517, which had drawn it from an obscure original source. See: “Gods of the Germanic Peoples” 1, p. 189

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