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Almost all of the books I wrote had a longer period of research ahead. Since the books were published, I have often been asked, mostly by scientists and academic students, about one or more sources that I used, because it happens more than I thought that someone cannot find one of the sources in the bibliographical overviews of the books . This can e.g. caused because the website that ran it no longer exists, or the work has been given a different PDF name online.
In any case, I have started to put many, but certainly not all, sources for each research topic (book) online here.
This primarily concerns copyright-free works and those that are freely offered available online by the author, publisher, university or library.

Since I have to add each source individually, it is a project that will take a long time. It will therefore be worthwhile to see from time to time whether ‘something’ has been added – I do that work as I please.
Overall, there will initially be these areas:

  • Frankish research
  • Eddas and more
  • Ostara research
  • Nehalennia research
  • Wild Hunt research
  • Frau Holle Research
  • Nerthus research
  • Runes research

In order to obviate wild, flat-rate and massive downloads and not to overload the web server, the download categories are ‘protected’, i.e. access requires a password or registration. I am also a bit curious about who downloads the works and why.

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