A short progress report

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The new notebook, badly needed, came, and is meanwhile setup, configured and ready for use. Because it will mostly used while I am 'on the road',…

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Lienden – Roman Coins

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A short note I wrote down two years ago - time for its publication. :-) At the village Lienden, northwest of the Dutch city of Nijmegen,…

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What is Astrology?

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On January 16, I was again at the Eldaring regulars' table for the Rhine-Main area and the Taunus. This time the focus was on astrology. Ms.…

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Eldaring regulars’ table

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At January 16, 2020, I joined again "Fafnir's Hort", the "Eldaring" regulars' table of the Rhein-Main-Taunus Group. (The "Eldaring" is Germany's biggest Organization of Germanic heathens).…

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A Goddess Barbet?

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Quite awhile ago someone called me in a chat at Facebook with a request for some information about a specific goddess….. The written conversation went about…

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Autographing and packing

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Now and then people order one of my books from me and as long as I have some in stock, those orders are processed. Actually, the…

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