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From some of the books I wrote are both a printed version and an e-book available. For other books I have refused an -e-book version, because then, on some book stores on the web and at Google, too much is shown in the 'view inside' option. (It could be that…

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Our renewed book store

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At the site HG-SHOP.EU my wife and I sell the books we wrote ourselves, thus, it is just a very small shop. Although the books also can be bought at the publisher and in many book stores, we auto(r)graph all ordered books and that makes each copy unique. Technically, the…

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On my initiative, the contracts with the publishing company of my two-volume work "Gods of the Germanic Peoples" have been terminated, for both the beautiful color edition and the cheaper black/white edition. For the latter, the termination has already become in effect, the color edition will follow soon. The reasons…

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Mist Witches

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Quite a few years ago, it was in 2005, I published a small book in German, called "Nebelhexen", which is, translated, Mist Witches. With the completion of that book, the topic was ticked off for me. Yet, my interest in Western European folk tales remained unbroken and the collection of…

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It is already awhile ago again as I wrote a post here. Admittedly, I did had the intention to write much sooner after the last time, but hee, sometimes problems occur at moments, you cannot solve them immediately. My older work-PC was shriving for more autonomy and started more and…

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What now?

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The year 2021 has started, the holidays are over, even for me as a retired. ;-) Because I do the daily work of my research and writing projects according to my whim, I may need a few more days to decide what to do first. At choice are a longer…

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More contact options

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Lately, I've done just little of addition to this site. That said, however, the few things done give visitors more options to get in touch with me, There's first in the sidebar on the right the option to contact me through Skype, either chatting (live writing chat), calling (talking to…

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Changes of this website

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The download section of this site "Boudicca's Bard" was recently removed and all related files deleted from the media library of the site. In addition, this also happened to the videos from the same library. This means, downloading of the offered files, including videos is no longer available. The reason…

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Text-To-Speech (TTS)

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In the coming months, it may easily last as long as the whole Winter, I will add the option of letting the articles at this site read out loud instead of reading them. That is, actually, listen to a voice who reads the text. I was asked for that by…

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New book

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My new German book "Illustrated Lexicon of Germanic Deities" (original title: Illustriertes Lexikon der germanischen Gottheiten) is about to be published. The contract is signed, and the ISBN is implemented. The 2nd and last printed test copies are checked - it seems unavoidable that after xx corrections still small errors…

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When in Berlin the "Long Night of Religions" was canceled due to the Covid19 pandemic, which was to take place in June, some organizers came up with the idea of making the whole thing virtual as good as possible. At their request I made my "Frau Holle" talk, which I…

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Heathenism article – 2nd

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Heathenism article - 2nd At last, my article about "heathenism' (or paganism, whatever you call it), is published online. Since the first draft a lot of content has changed, not least because of the valuable input of Thorsten Ostwaldt (theologian) and Rene Piehl (religious studies). The article has become somewhat…

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Heathenism article

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My German article with the simple title "Paganism" is completed. The first version was proofread by several volunteering people and corrections and additions were made to aspects of theological and scientific-religious kind. Then other volunteers checked it for spelling and grammar and there was a lot to correct. In the…

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New Galleries

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The picture galleries at this site are divided in two groups; there are the scans and there are the photos I made. Quite a few galleries were added over the last few days. New in the 1st group are: scans of the Nehalennia Domburg finds of 1646 from old books…

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Myths and Folktales

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In the menu above, some to the right, you'll have the item Podcasts. Putting the mouse on it, you get in English "Myths and Folktales", if you switch language, you'll get that in German or Dutch. Clicking on it, you get an overview of stories, told by volunteers. You are…

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The Story of the Frisian Pidder Lüng and the Kale Revenge

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The following story is based on the ballad "Pidder Lüng" by the German poet Detlev von Liliencron (1844–1909), but the content is not entirely identical. The story probably is to be situated in the 15th century when Schleswig-Holstein and therefore also the isle of Sylt were under Danish rulership. Meanwhile,…

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