Stronghold of the ancestors

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These scans come from the rich illustrated German book “Urväterhort. Die Heldensagen der Germanen” (Stronghold of the ancestors. The heroic legends of the Germanics), by Max Koch (illustrator) and Andreas Heusler (author), published by Martin Oldenburg, 1904. This book is free of copyright. The stories of the book mainly deal…

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Gray Tones

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In 2019 my books “Goddess Holle” and “Germanic Magic” were published. From the books published before, I’ve recently withdrawn the permission for the ‘international release’ of the two-volume work “Gods of the Germanic Peoples” and “Wild Hunt and Furious Host”. This does not mean, they are not available anymore

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Heathen Yule Market

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Back home from the “Heathen Yule Market” which took place on 7 and 8 December 2019 in the village of “Groß Meckelsen” (part of the municipality Sittensen in the district Rotenburg an der Wümme. The municipality is located in the north of the German federal state of Lower Saxony. The nearest bigger cities are Zeven about 13 km west, Buxtehude about

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