A chapter of my German book “Germanischer Götterglaube” (Faith to the Germanic Gods) contains the presentation of quite a few deities. To each deity several correspondences are mentioned. And I commissioned a Dutch artist to create for each deity, with the information I provided (including the correspondences), an amulet. These became part of the book.
In talks and discussions with some readers the idea came up to not only have those amulets as pictures in the book, but also in a material form, for example, to carry an amulet all day or use it as part of the altar decoration in religious rituals. And so we had made buttons.
An overview of these is presented in the gallery below. If you want to order one or more buttons, (they cost € 3,– / US$ 3.45 each + shipping), please contact me at either Facebook or through the contact form (see the menu on the right) or by email: Goos (at) boudicca.de

Click on an amulet to enlarge it.


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