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On my initiative, the contracts with the publishing company of my two-volume work "Gods of the Germanic Peoples" have been terminated, for both the beautiful color edition and the cheaper black/white edition. For the latter, the termination has already become in effect, the color edition will follow soon. The reasons…

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Mist Witches

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Mist Witches Quite a few years ago, it was in 2005, I published a small book in German, called "Nebelhexen", which is, translated, Mist Witches. With the completion of that book, the topic was ticked off for me. Yet, my interest in Western European folk tales remained unbroken and the…

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It is already awhile ago again as I wrote a post here. Admittedly, I did had the intention to write much sooner after the last time, but hee, sometimes problems occur at moments, you cannot solve them immediately. My older work-PC was shriving for more autonomy and started more and…

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What now?

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The year 2021 has started, the holidays are over, even for me as a retired. ;-) Because I do the daily work of my research and writing projects according to my whim, I may need a few more days to decide what to do first. At choice are a longer…

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